Make sure you're reading the blog, where Glen is talking about the new book, Motherless Child.
Motherless Child

Motherless Child is in stores now!

The Motherless Child Tour is shaping up. There are several coming up soon:

5/18 - Reading and Signing
  Mysterious Galaxy / San Diego CA / 2pm
5/24 - Book Signing
  Dark Delicacies / Burbank, CA / 2pm
5/27 - Reading and Signing
  The Last Bookstore / Downtown Los Angeles, CA / 7pm
6/22 - Reading and Signing
  Mystery and Imagination / Glendale, CA / 1pm
7/11 - 7/12 - Readercon
  Glen will be leading a seminar on teaching the writing of the ghost story, and also giving his first reading from GOOD GIRLS, the sequel to MOTHERLESS CHILD
7/16 - Reading and Signing
  The Round Venue / Toronto, ON / 8pm
7/17 - Reading and Signing
  Merril Collection at the Lillian H. Smith Library / Toronto, ON / 7pm
7/21 - Reading and Signing
  Literati Bookstore / Ann Arbor, MI / 7pm
7/22 - Reading and Signing
  Schuler Books & Music / Lansing, MI / 7pm
8/2 - Reading and Signing
  Borderlands / San Francisco, CA / 3pm
Check the appearances page to see if Glen is coming your way this summer.

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  More about Motherless Child at Earthling
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"Hirshberg takes readers on a grisly yet darkly comedic road trip in this outstanding southern horror tale about two single moms and their unfortunate encounter with a shadowy and irresistible singer known as the Whistler...No fangs, no pretty shirtless vampires, and no romance here—this one is a spine-tingler with smart dialogue, a thickly atmospheric setting, and plenty of visceral violence. Fine old-school horror, which will delight fans disgusted by the overabundance of vampire lite now dominating the genre."
  -- Booklist (Starred Review)

"Shirley Jackson Award winner Hirshberg (The Snowman's Children) didn't write a vampire novel, but he did write a love story that is about strength, courage, love, and the overwhelming force and power of motherhood. Readers looking for a Twilight knockoff will be disappointed. The rest will be pleasantly surprised and quite possibly moved by this artfully written tale."
  -- Library Journal

...the perfect vampire novel for those sick of vampires...In the breakneck pace and constant likelihood of something gruesome happening, Hirshberg might remind the reader a bit of Charlie Huston, but his writing is elliptical and far more focused on the way things feel for his damned pair...It's a novel that demands attention to catch everything that's going on, but richly rewards that attention." (4 stars)
  -- RT Book Reviews

"Hirshberg is an amazing writer who makes the materials of horror into what they were supposed to be all along-grandly sweeping, capable of tremendous reach, and open to all aspects of human experience. Motherless Child shows him at the peak of his form."
  -- Peter Straub

"A subversive, thrilling novel that subverts everything we've come to expect from tales that traffic in the undead, Motherless Child is as heartbreaking as it is terrifying, a breakneck midnight ride through a part of America too seldom visited in fiction. It's Glen Hirshberg as his best, and I can offer no higher praise than that."
  -- Elizabeth Hand, author of Generation Loss

"A compelling tale of the supernatural that gives it a human face. Beautifully written, it reinvents one of the inconic monsters in ways that are both classical and up to the minute. We can be sure horror fiction is still vital when it's reimagined as freshly and vigorously as this."
  -- Ramsey Campbell, author of Ghosts Know and The Darkest Part of the Woods

"Always one of his generation's finest stylists, its most able students of character, [Glen Hirshberg] has written one of the best books of the year."
  -- John Langan, The Los Angeles Review of Books

"...this book is the front-runner for when I pick my best horror novel of 2012. The vampire novel has survived TWILIGHT and is dead and kicking as ever, and it will remain so as long as there are writers of Hirshberg's caliber to ring new changes on this venerable archetype."
  -- Black Static

"A great novel about vampires is a great novel. Put a stake through it."
  -- Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

  more reviews...

The Rolling Darkness Revue 2013

Two hack writers for a 1930s fiction factory are visited by a stranger who wants them to read a mysterious manuscript; An agent of a covert government department investigates strange noises beneath a suburban home; A young would-be poet spends a revelatory lunch hour with a young woman whose beauty masks a bizarre mystery; A specialist in retrieving the irretrievable discovers a very unusual collection in a roadside grocery store ...

The 2013 Chapbook is available now!

  Get your Rolling Darkness chapbooks in the store now!.

Also available - the 5-year Anniversary Pack: the first four chapbooks, plus your choice of T-Shirt or poster, all for a special price. While supplies last.

  2013 chapbook
  2012 chapbook
  5-year Anniversary Pack
  2010 chapbook
  2009 chapbook
  2008 chapbook
  2007 chapbook


Glen on Kindle

Glen's books The Snowman's Children, The Two Sams, American Morons and the otherwise completely sold out The Book of Bunk are available for Kindle now:

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  Buy American Morons
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The Janus Tree

Glen's next book, The Janus Tree and Other Stories, published by Subterranean is available for pre-order now at Amazon. This new story collection, available at the end of October, features the Shirley Jackson Award-winning title novelette, a host of other stories selected for Best New Horror and The Best Horror of the Year, and two previously unpublished novelettes.

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"Spellbinding...offbeat and distressing...atmospheric, superb...Hirshberg is one of the greatest contemporary authors of dark fantasy."  -- SFRevu.com

"Hirshberg delivers plenty of creepy, strange tales in his third collection...{He} is a master of the disturbing."  --Publishers' Weekly

The Book of Bunk

Glen's latest novel, The Book of Bunk: A Fairy Tale of the Federal Writers' Project is available for pre-order SOLD OUT!

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"...this vivid re-creation of smalltown Depression-era America enchants with its well-drawn characters, eloquent repartee, and poignant fantasia on a social experiment, which, if it didn't play out this way, should have."
  -- Publishers' Weekly (read the full review)

"It's as if Woody Guthrie and Gabriel Garcia Marquez had co-authored a 90000 word folk song..."
  -- Lucius Shepherd

 B O O K S


American Morons

"His skill at drawing horrors out of commonplace situations peopled with credibly drawn characters distinguishes these subtle tales of the uncanny as some of the most effective and chilling in contemporary weird fiction."
  - Publishers Weekly (starred review)

  more about the book
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The Two Sams

"In THE TWO SAMS the greatly gifted Glen Hirshberg does a magnificent job of redefining and updating the ghost story in his own smart, subtle, insightful way. Here is a writer to watch and to treasure."
  - Peter Straub

  more about the book
  read the introduction
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The Snowman's Children

"A chilling debut ... haunting and sharply rendered..."
  - Kirkus Reviews

  more about the book
  read a sample chapter
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Flowers on Their Bridles, Hooves in the Air

First print edition novella in a collectible package including photographs and an audio CD.

  more details
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 L E A R N   M O R E


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 B L O G

If you haven't already, check out Glen's blog.

 N E W S

MOTHERLESS CHILD is a Best New Science Fiction and Fantasy pick in the WASHINGTON POST

Glen makes his final SoCal appearance for MOTHERLESS CHILD Sunday, 6/22 at Mystery & Imagination in Glendale.

Glen will be leading a seminar on teaching the writing of the ghost story, and also giving his first reading from GOOD GIRLS, the sequel to MOTHERLESS CHILD, on July 11th and 12th at Readercon

GOOD GIRLS, the MOTHERLESS CHILD sequel, will be published by Tor in 2015.

And speaking of sequels: "A Small Part in the Pantomime," the sequel to "Mr. Dark's Carnival," will appear in Ellen Datlow's NIGHTMARE CARNIVAL anthology this fall

Glen Hirshberg and Peter Atkins tell the RDR creation myth in an interview over at Postscripts to Darkness (read it).

THE JANUS TREE AND OTHER STORIES, for the second year running (it's a long story) has made the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards.

Glen will be reading from THE BOOK OF BUNK at the San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival at the West Covina Civic Center at 3 pm on Saturday, February 16th. More info...

The Ginger Nuts of Horror has a new interview with Glen up.

The complete text of Glen's featured interview with Publishers' Weekly about Motherless Child is now available online.

The reviews of Motherless Child are pouring in.

  Read the reviews...

Publishers' Weekly has a feature/interview about Glen and Motherless Child in the 9/17 issue.

"Mr. Dark's Carnival" will make its French-language debut in Dreampress' 2013 Ténèbres anthology.

Glen's novelette, "You Become the Neighborhood," has been selected by Ellen Datlow to appear in The Best Horror of the Year 4, due out shortly from Night Shade.

Glen's second book depository novelette, "After-words," has been selected by Paula Guran to appear in The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror, 2012, due out later this year from Prime Books. The story can also be read in The Janus Tree and in the just-published new issue of Cemetery Dance.

American Morons will soon be available for the Kindle from Ash-Tree Press.

Glen's story, "Shomer," appears in Ellen Datlow's The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Three, out now.

Glen's novelette, "Struwwelpeter," has been reprinted in Paula Guran's new anthology, Halloween, alongside stories by Ray Bradbury, Stewart O'Nan, H.P. Lovecraft. John Langan, and a host of others...

If you'd like a sneak preview of Glen's next novel, visit the link below to hear the extraordinarily talented Kira Sternbach read an excerpt, called "Help Me, Information."

  Listen at ARTOnAIR.org

Glen's next book, The Janus Tree and Other Stories, published by Subterranean is available for pre-order now at Amazon.

Glen will be reading from and signing The Book of Bunk at various events over the coming weeks.
Confirmed appearances:
2/6 - 3 pm  Barnes & Noble, Citrus Plaza,in Redlands, CA (27460 Lugonia Ave, Redlands, CA 92374)
2/9 - 7pm Cal State Channel Islands
2/12 - 5 pm  Skylight Books, Los Angeles, CA

Glen will be joining his colleagues from CSUSB to read from The Book of Bunk and discuss the CSUSB MFA Program at Barnes and Noble in Redlands, CA (27460 Lugonia Ave, Redlands, CA 92374) on Sunday, November 21 at 3pm.

Glen will deliver the opening address at the California Writers' Club's "Howl at the Moon" Conference at the Lone Wolf Colony, Apple Valley, CA, on 9/25 (more info).

The long-delayed CENTURY'S BEST HORROR collection from Cemetery Dance, which features the best story of every year of the 20th Century as selected by John Pelan, and which includes Glen's "Mr. Dark's Carnival" as the 1999 entry, will apparently see the light of day by the end of the year.

Glen's novella, "The Muldoon," has been included in People of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy, available for pre-order now at Amazon.

Glen's story, "The Nimble Men," has been selected by Ellen Datlow for The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Two.

The Best Horror of the Year Volume One, which includes Glen's story, "Esmeralda," will soon be published in Italian by Mondadori.

Glen's new story, "People Who Can't," was given its live premiere on May 14th at the Players' Club in New York by acclaimed actress Kira Sternbach, on a bill of New River Fiction that also included stories by Deborah Eisenberg and Sharon Pomerantz.

Glen's novella, "Devil's Smile," has been selected by Stephen Jones for The Best of Best New Horror: A Twenty Year Celebration.

Glen's novella, "Dancing Men," has been selected by Ellen Datlow for Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror.

Glen's new novel, The Book of Bunk: A Fairy Tale of the Federal Writers' Project will be published by Earthling Publications in late 2010. For more news about this, keep checking back here and on the blog.

New story, "The Nimble Men," available in the 2009 Rolling Darkness Revue chapbook.

"After-Words," the second Book Depository Story, will appear in Cemetery Dance #65 (Spring, 2010)

"American Morons" is now available in Russian translation in The Anthology of Horror ('Antologiia Uzhasov'), vol. 17, published by Azbooka of St. Petersburg.

Glen's story, "Esmeralda," has been selected by Ellen Datlow for Best Horror of the Year, due out in early 2010.

Glen will be reading at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California on April 23rd.

Glen will be February's featured guest-writer at Paul Kane's very fine website at shadow-writer.co.uk

Glen's novella, "Dancing Men," has been selected by Ellen Datlow for Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror, due out later in 2009 from Tachyon Books.

Glen's novella, "Devil's Smile" has been selected for inclusion in The Very Best of Best New Horror, the 20th anniversary edition of the celebrated annual anthology, due out later in 2009.

The Two Sams has been published in Russia by Azbooka, and has received enthusiastically positive reviews on the radio (on The Echo of Moscow), in newspapers (The Books Showcase), and in journals (World of Fantasy, The Expert, etc.). Glen has been invited by The Modern Book and Literature Centre of St. Petersburg and the St. Petersburg Writers' Union to give a series of readings and talks there this summer.

Glen will be giving a pair of readings and signing books in Ottawa Ontario at the end of the month. On 11/28, he will be at Collected Works bookshop, and on 11/30, he will be the featured speaker at the Dusty Owl Reading Series.

Glen will be signing the new Best New Horror, which includes his story "Miss Ill-Kept Runt," with Stephen Jones and other contributors at Dark Delicacies on November  4th.

Glen will be signing copies of Inferno, which includes his award-winning novelette, "The Janus Tree," along with Ellen Datlow and other contributors at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA on October 4th.

New story, "Esmerelda," the first in a proposed series called The Book Depository Stories, will appear in Shades of Darkness from Ash Tree Press in November.

Glen's novelette, "The Janus Tree," has won the 2008 Shirley Jackson Award.

New story, "The Pikesville Buffalo," will appear in the anthology POE!, edited by Ellen Datlow, early in 2009.

Glen's novelette, "The Janus Tree," has been selected for Wildside Press' HORROR: THE BEST OF THE YEAR 2008, due out this fall.

Glen's story "Miss Ill-Kept Runt" has been selected for BEST NEW HORROR 2008, due out later this fall.

American Morons has won a 2007 International Horror Guild Award for Best Collection.

A new release of "Like a Lily in a Flood," is available now in the shop.

  more details ...
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American Morons has been nominated for the World Fantasy Award for Best Collection.

"The Janus Tree," a novelette, will appear in the anthology INFERNO, edited by Ellen Datlow, due out in December from Tor Books.

"I Am Coming to Live in Your Mouth" will appear in DARK DELICACIES 2, edited by Del Howison and Jeff Gelb.

"The Two Sams" has been selected by Peter Straub to appear in POE'S CHILDREN, due from Doubleday in 2008.

"Millwell," originally published in the 2006 Rolling Darkness Revue chapbook, is now appearing in SUMMER CHILLS, a new anthology edited by Stephen Jones.

"Devil's Smile," from American Morons, has been selected for this year's MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW HORROR #17.

"The Muldoon," from American Morons, has been selected for both YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR #20 and HORROR: THE BEST OF THE YEAR.

Glen has been nominated in two categories in the 2007 International Horror Guild Awards: The Muldoon for "Mid-length Fiction" and American Morons for "Collection (Single Author)"

American Morons was selected as a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award.

The October 22, 2006 Sunday Weekend Edition on NPR has a feature on the Rolling Darkness Revue [listen]

Read the initial blurbs and comments about American Morons in the reviews section.

Glen appeared at the World Horror Convention in San Francisco. Read about it in the blog.

American Morons has been selected for YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR #19 and also for BEST NEW HORROR.

Cemetery Dance magazine has announced plans for a tribute issue devoted to Glen and his work later this year.

  More details in Glen's blog

The Rolling Darkness Revue will be performing, along with special guest Kim Newman, at the World Horror Convention in San Francisco in May.

  More details in Glen's blog

Official Rolling Darkness Revue 2005 merchandise is available in the Darkness Rising Shop

A new story, "American Morons," is available exclusively in the Rolling Darkness Revue chapbook available now in the shop

  more details ...
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A new limited edition audio CD, "Like a Lily in a Flood," is available now in the shop.

  more details ...
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A new story, "The Muldoon," will appear in forthcoming new anthology from Ash-Tree Press, At Ease With the Dead, due out late this year.

Read Glen’s article on Manly Wade Wellman’s Who Fears the Devil in the new Stephen Jones/Kim Newman anthology, Horror: Another 100 Best Books.

The Rolling Darkness Revue gave an encore performance at this year’s Horror Writer’s Association Conference (June 24-26, Burbank, CA).

Glen’s longstanding musical project, Momzer, has just released a CD. Check out the Momzer website.
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Azbuka Publishers of St. Petersburg will be publishing Russian editions of both The Snowman's Children and The Two Sams shortly.

"Transitway," new story, due out soon in CEMETERY DANCE. Exact publication date to follow.

"Safety Clowns" has been selected for the 2005 edition of BEST NEW HORROR.

A very limited first print edition book/CD package of "Flowers on Their Bridles, Hooves in the Air" is available now in the shop.

  more details ...
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The official T-shirt from the Rolling Darkness Revue 2004 tour is available now in the shop.

  more details ...
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New story, "Safety Clowns," available now in Acquainted With The Night, available from Ash-tree Press.

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